Version 3.7.3

* Compatibility with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion).

Version 3.7.2b

* VSamp AU now registers with the host four stereo output busses. This fixes multichannel compatibility with Logic 8.

Version 3.7.2a

* Fixed issue whereby VSamp AU would write a debug file.

Version 3.7.2

* Automatically set sample levels to give constant loudness using Auto Levels command.
* Fixed problem with multiple instances of VSamp VST under Cubase 4.
* Fixed problem where VSamp application would give distorted (buzzing) sound due to incorrect sample rate.
* VSamp Classic now has a larger memory allocation to fix startup problems under OS9.
* Fixed problem loading some types of AIFF files.

Version 3.7.1

* Quieter note stealing
* Fixed Intel problem accessing some sample files whose Finder information does not include the file type
* Fixed Intel problem using Sound Resources

Version 3.7.0

* Intel-native Universal Binary
* Added choice of outputs to save to disk
* Additional items in Help menu

Version 3.6.1

* Improved SampleCell import
* File type of samples now recognised directly by name extension (.aiff .sd2 .wav etc)

Version 3.6.0

* Added optional disk streaming of samples enabling unlimited sample size
* Improved portability of instruments
* Faster and more efficient use of memory when importing large SoundFonts

Version 3.5.0

* Added support for WAVE files
* Added support for 32-bit samples
* Banks now respond to MIDI bank and patch change messages
* Import SoundFont banks
* Instruments can now contain up to 1000 (variable) samples
* Banks can now contain up to 140 (variable) instruments
* Reduced CPU load removes need for “Economy mode”
* Optional new amplitude model for instruments adds constant dB pan, constant dB-rate envelopes (improves compatibility with SoundFonts) and greater variety of note velocity responses
* Minor interface changes including general speed increase and better onscreen keyboard
* Minor bug fixes

Version 3.4.4

* Added level column to Instrument window
* Added buffer size preference
* Updated VSamp AU for compatibility with Logic 7
* Fixed problems with some Core Audio interfaces

Version 3.4.3

* Fixed problem with MacOS 10.3 whereby program would not prompt for location of samples or instruments when they could not be found.
* Added transpose column to bank window
* Removed limitation on sample length

Version 3.4.2

* Fixed problems with MacOS 10.3
* Added LFO modulation of sound amplitude
* Fixed problems MIDI ctrl#1 modulation of LFO
* Added a check when restoring a window position that it is not outside the desktop area

Version 3.4.1

* Fixed problem with VSamp AU missing notes under some hosts.

Version 3.4.0

* Major speed improvements, particularly when using filters and LFO.
* VSamp application now uses Mac OS X Core Audio services directly, enabling the selection of the output device in the preferences, 32-bit output and sample rates up to 192 kHz.
* Improved compatibility of VSamp AU, especially with Digital Performer 4.1.
* Changed the ID of VSamp AU to fix a problem whereby VSamp AU would not show up in a list of available Audio Units under some circumstances.
* Fixed crash when importing a SoundFont that has an instrument with more than 128 key groups.

Version 3.3.3

* Further improved SoundFont import including now imports envelope settings.

Version 3.3.2

* Bug fixes for SoundFont import.
* VSamp VST Carbon now draws its sliders correctly.

Version 3.3.1

* VSamp AU now provides 2 or 8 outputs (Logic 6 required for 8 outputs)
* Improved SoundFont import now imports SoundFont 'Presets' rather than 'Instruments'.
* Added 'Economy Mode' preference for improved CPU performance
* Minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.0

* 2nd beta release of VSamp VST Carbon and VSamp AU
* Improved filter processor efficiency
* Improved latency response
* Added Level and Pan columns to bank window
* Added ability to sort by columns in instruments and banks
* Minor bug fixes

Version 3.2.7

* Smoother envelopes
* Fixed crash when opening an instrument or bank whose children could not be found.
* Fixed problem whereby program quitted with type 3 error when using FreeMIDI in OMS Mode.
* Added command to open an instrument from the bank window.
* Fixed problem with VSamp VST and hanging notes in Logic.
* Fixed problem with incorrect velocity ranges and looping when importing some SoundFonts.

Version 3.2.6

* Floating windows no longer have to be clicked twice to select a control when not the current active window.
* Status of floating windows now restored after quitting.
* Up and down arrows now increment/decrement keygroup in Amplitude and Tuning windows.
* SampleCell 1.x instruments correctly identified when trying to import and error message given.
* Fixed problem with hanging notes under OS X.

Version 3.2.5

* Fixed problem importing some SampleCell instruments

Version 3.2.4

* Removed need for all samples in an instrument to reside in same folder.
* Increased range of filter modulation.

Version 3.2.3

* Fixed problem whereby double-clicking on a VSamp file in MacOS 9 Finder gave an error -39 (launched OS X VSamp instead of OS 9).

Version 3.2.2

* Support for MacOS X, including OS X CoreMIDI services.
* Fixed minor problem whereby shift key was needed to release some notes in MIDI Input window.
* Fixed problem whereby LFO window appeared incorrectly if old preferences file was present.
* Changed behaviour after an "All Notes Off" MIDI command to improve compatibility with some keyboards.
* Moved registration data to a file in the Application Support folder now shared by VSamp application and VSamp VST.

Version 3.2.1

* Fixed problem whereby keys in keyboard window were sticking when using computer keyboard.
* Floating windows now hide when VSamp is moved to background.

Version 3.2.0

* Added importing of SampleCell 2.x and SoundFont 2 samples and instrument keymaps.
* Added onscreen keyboard for triggering samples by mouse or computer keyboard.
* Increased samples per instrument to 128.
* Added controllable amplitude modulation by note-on velocity and MIDI controller #11.
* Added commands to register VSamp and VSamp VST.
* Minor interface changes and bug fixes.

Version 3.1.4

* Fixed compatibility problem with VSamp VST and Logic under MacOS 9.1
* Fixed problem whereby VSamp VST window expands after registration dialog.

Version 3.1.3

* Fixed problem whereby under some circumstances the message "Your demo time has expired..." appeared even though a valid serial number had been entered.

Version 3.1.2

* Fixed problem whereby some valid serial numbers were being reported as having expired.
* Improved timing of Play Scale command.

Version 3.1.1:

* Improved CPU performance (~20%).

Version 3.1.0:

* Added LFO with own editor window.
* Added MIDI Inputs window.
* Added assignable output to bank window.
* Reorganised menus
* Minor bug fixes
* Added Reload button to VSamp VST
* VSamp VST can now play VSamp banks with 4 assignable stereo outputs.

Version 3.0.3:

* Fixed problem opening files from locked volumes (CDs).
* Smoother envelopes.

Version 3.0.2:

* Added tuning window to set fine tuning of samples and instrument.
* Increased pitch bend range to 4 octaves and smoothed response.
* Fixed problem with opening locked files.
* Fixed problem whereby changing a setting of a currently loaded instrument caused instrument to be reloaded on top of previous settings, usually resulting in distorted playback.

Version 3.0.1:

* Fixed bug whereby instrument that accessed a file with more than one sound resource would only load the first resource (including demo instrument).
* When opening a bank or VST Instrument that can't find an instrument, user is now prompted to find the instrument.

Version 3.0:

* Added resonant filters with real-time control.
* Improved tuning.
* Last location of envelope window now remembered correctly.
* Change settings of a currently loaded instrument and hear them without having to reload instrument.
* Instrument that references the same sample more than once no longer loads the sample into memory multiple times.

Version 3.0b2:

* Dragging a group of samples all with pitch set to middle C (MIDI 60) now adds them to successive notes from middle C and sets pitch accordingly.
* Clicking on a text field now selects entire field as in version 2.
* VSamp VST no longer loads an instrument when cancelling a selection after pressing 'select' button.
* Revert command now works as expected.
* Menu enable/disable status when envelope window is open now works as expected.
* Problem fixed whereby a window wouldn't close if the file it refers to had been moved or changed.

Version 3.0b1

* Major rewrite to update interface and program control for future MacOS.
* New floating envelope window.
* Separate envelope for each sample, if desired.
* Play a sample with no enveloping.
* Up to 4 samples sharing same MIDI Channel/Note/Velocity combination.
* Suppport for 24-bit/96 kHz samples (VST and program) and output (VST only).
* Added 'Insert Row' and 'Delet Row' commands for instrument and bank windows.
* Added ability to load an instrument directly.
* New VST interface for better compatibility with Logic.
* Louder output for samples panned centre with more even response across panorama.
* More natural velocity response.
* Removed 'HiQ' switch in bank (always on).
* Removed 'pitch bend' setting in bank (set in instrument).

Version 2.7.0

* First release of VSamp VST.
* VSamp bank now can locate instruments that have moved or been renamed.
* Minor fixes to instrument window so that clicking on a blank box then pressing return does not give an error about an invalid value.
* Loading a bank that refers to a non-existent file no longer creates the file but instead gives an error message.

Version 2.6.0

* Added velocity switching in instruments.
* Added mute groups of samples in instrument window.
* Added pitch bend range to instrument window.
* Increased maximum polyphony to 64.
* Increased number of samples per instrument to 64.
* Last size and position of windows is remembered.
* Minor bug fixes including fixing memory leaks and scrolling problem.

Version 2.5.0

* Better compatibility with FreeMIDI 1.4.
* Added panning of samples in instrument window.
* Fixed problem whereby adding an AIFF file with no pitch setting causes "File Positioning Error"

Version 2.4.8

* Compatibility with FreeMIDI 1.4.

Version 2.4.7

* Added OMS and FreeMIDI menus to options menu.
* Fixed problem with FreeMIDI and MIDI Start/Stop option.
* Fixed problem with 8-bit output and MIDI Start/Stop option.
* Checks for FreeMIDI's OMS emulation before trying to log into FreeMIDI.
* All FreeMIDI events deleted from queue after processing to avoid overflow.

Version 2.4.6

* New options menu containing the option to respond to MIDI Start/Stop/Continue commands when saving output to a file.
* Ability to use FreeMIDI and OMS together.
* Drag and Drop support. Now samples can be dragged from a Finder window onto an instrument and they will be arranged in ascending order with the low and high note values as well as the pitch set (AIFF files only). Instrument files can also be dragged onto a bank window.
* Sample pitches are set when a sample is first added to an instrument.
* FreeMIDI no longer responds to events directly from a keyboard - only events patched by Performer.
* Minor cosmetic changes.
* PPC native version of "OMS Thru"

Version 2.4.5

* Added "Play Scale" command in bank menu to test banks without MIDI.
* Added ability to load a bank if no MIDI system is loaded

Version 2.4.4

* Added support for blocked AIFF files.
* Bank file now remembers instrument location. Therefore instruments can be stored in separate folders provided all their samples are stored with them.

Version 2.4.3

* Tab key now moves between text fields.
* Fixed problem loading some SDII files.
* Fixed problem whereby scrolling upset text fields.
* Extended note range of instruments to MIDI notes 1 to 127.

Version 2.4.2

* Corrected implementation of 'All Notes Off' (ctrl 123) command.
* Fixed problem whereby very short notes wouldn't play.
* Implemented 'Reset All Controllers' (ctrl 121) and 'All Sound Off' (ctrl 120) commands.

Version 2.4.1

* MIDI Overflow problem after receiving an "All Notes Off" message fixed.
* Added keyboard commands for Bank menu commands.

Version 2.4.0

* FreeMIDI support for use with MOTU's Performer

Version 2.3.0

* full clipboard functionality
* support for Sound Designer II files
* set the sample's MIDI base note in the instrument
* save the sound output as a SDII file